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Reasons to See a Podiatrist in Tustin CA

Reasons to See a Podiatrist in Tustin CA

Podiatrists specialize in foot and ankle care, they are available to help you with any issues you may have in regards to your lower limbs. Trust the experienced podiatrist Dr. Charles Baik at Tustin Podiatry Clinic so that we can help you get back on your feet again! Call us today for more information or visit us online to book an appointment. We are conveniently located at 17400 Irvine Blvd. Suite H, Tustin, CA.

Reasons to See a Podiatrist Near Me in Tustin CA
Reasons to See a Podiatrist Near Me in Tustin CA

Table of Contents:

Why should I see a podiatrist?
What kind of foot problems are there?
What foot conditions need to be referred to the podiatrist?
Why foot care is also important for overall health?

Why should I see a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is also known as a foot doctor that provides diagnoses, treatment, and surgery to treat feet, ankles, and the connecting parts of the leg. Podiatrists are able to treat individuals of any age, depending on their foot condition; podiatrists are considered general doctors for feet, ankles, and connecting ligaments. If you have hurt your feet, ankle, or connecting parts of the leg, a podiatrist can help. Podiatrists can safely and effectively remove hard skin that may be on your feet, clip your toenails correctly to stop ingrown toenails from reoccurring and provide recommendations for the type of shoes you should be wearing.

Podiatrists may often specialize in particular areas of foot medicine, some of these specialties include:

• Surgery
• Wound care
• Sports medicine
• Diabetes
• Pediatric care of children
• Other kinds of foot care

What kind of foot problems are there?

There are several common foot issues those podiatrists often treat include:

• Ingrown toenails
When the edges and corners of the toenail grow into the skin that is next to the nail.
• Blisters
Bubbles that blow up when fluid begins to collect within the picks under the top layer of the skin.
• Warts
Skin infection is often caused by the HPV human papillomavirus. The infection will cause rough, skin-colored bumps to form on the skin.
• Corns
Hard center of skin that is surrounded by inflamed skin.
• Calluses
Thick and hardened layers of skin are developed when the skin begins to protect itself against any friction and pressure.
• Bunions
A bony bump begins to form on the joint that is located at the base of the big toe.
• Nail infections
Quite common, these nail infections often occur within fingernails and toenails, and they cause the nail to become discolored, cracked, and thick.
• Foot infections
Foot infections may include toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. Often notice redness, warmth, clear fluid in a raised area.
• Smelly feet
Feet are often sweaty and smell with socks on or off.
• Heel pain
Heel pain includes the most common of plantar fasciitis which is located at the bottom of the heel and Achilles tendinitis which is located at the back of the heel.
• Heel spurs
Bony growth that will poke out from below the back of the heel bone inside the foot. They occur due to too much stress being put on the foot’s ligaments.
• Cracked or dry heels
Cracked or dry heels are also known as heel fissures, they are a quite common foot condition that can eventually cause severe pain and discomfort. Dry skin ends up becoming thickened are hard and cracked.
• Flat feet
The arches on the inside of the feet become flattened, which has the entire soles of the feet touching the floor when you go to stand.
• Hammer’s toes
Hammer’s toes are curled up toes that are bent by the middle joint of the toe.
• Neuromas
Neuromas are the growth of nerve cells at the site of a nerve injury.
• Sprains
A sprain is a stretched or torn ligament.
• Arthritis
Stiffness and damage to the joints affect more than 30 joints within the feet and ankles.
• Foot injuries
A foot injury can occur whenever. It is often due to a tear, sprain, or nerve injury.
• Foot ligament or muscle pain
The ligaments within the foot and ankle are overstretched which leads to the fibers tearing if stretched too far causing significant pain.
• Bunion removal
Surgical treatment that corrects bunions.
• Broken bones
Crack or break within a bone.
• Tumors
Swelling occurs in the part of the body and is considered an abnormal growth of tissue.
• Skin or nail diseases
Skin or nail diseases include eczema, psoriasis, lupus, or lichen planus.
• Wound care
Treating a wound by diagnosing, and treating any wounds.
• Ulcers
Is a sore that is located on the lining of the stomach or small intestine.
• Blood flow disease
Issues occur due to blood flow with your arteries, vessels, and veins which carry lymph to disorders that can affect how your blood flows.
• Walking patterns
Gait is a walking pattern that affects the balance and coordination of the muscles within the body.
• Foot braces and custom insoles
Custom-made insoles and foot braces are created to be soft and accommodate any deformities which protect and cushion.
• Flexible casts
Flexible casts provide breathable, lightweight, and washable.
• Amputations
Removal of a lower limb due to an accident or infection.
• Foot prosthetics
Prosthetics are designed to mimic the natural human foot.

What foot conditions need to be referred to the podiatrist?

All of the previous foot conditions listed above can be referred to a podiatrist and treated.

Why foot care is also important for overall health?

Foot health is important as it can impede the performance of your life if not taken care of. Poor foot health means you are less likely to engage in physical activity and other activities which result in a higher risk of disease and infections taking over.

If you’re currently searching for a reasonably priced podiatrist, check out our team at Tustin Podiatry Clinic, located in Tustin, CA. We are a medical team with certified Dr. Charles Baik that is looking to help you get back on your feet, quite literally. We are here for your needs and would love to help you live a pain-free life. We Serve Patients from Tustin CA, Irvine CA, Garden Grove CA, Orange CA, Anaheim CA, Costa Mesa CA, and Lake Forest CA.