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Foot Ankle Medicine and Surgery Treatment

Foot and Ankle Medicine & Surgery Treatment in Tustin, CA

Our Expert Podiatrists Offer Various Foot and Ankle Surgeries & Medicine. Contact Us for Best Foot & Ankle Surgery Costs in Tustin. For More Information Call Us Today at (714) 880-8054 or Simply Request an Appointment Online. Check Our Best Specials.

Our initial consultation consists of a thorough history and physical examination including any diagnostic exams (e.g. x-rays, ultrasounds) that are needed.  After a diagnosis is made, we discuss all treatment options available for the condition including conservative and surgical options.  We always try to exhaust all conservative options before surgery is considered and if surgery is a possible indication we also discuss risks and benefits of undergoing any surgery.

We have outlined a list of the most common conditions we treat under the “Foot/ Ankle Problems” but there may be conditions not listed that we treat as well.