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EPAT/Shockwave Therapy in Tustin, CA.

EPAT and Shockwave Therapy Specialist in Tustin CA

EPAT and shockwave therapy is an effective treatment for chronic plantar fasciitis & heel pain. If you are interested in this therapy or other treatments we have to offer for chronic heel pain, then contact our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Charles Baik DPM today at Tustin Podiatry Clinic or schedule an appointment online! We are conveniently located at 17400 Irvine Blvd Suite H Tustin, CA 92780

EPAT and Shockwave Therapy Specialist Near Me in Tustin CA
EPAT and Shockwave Therapy Specialist Near Me in Tustin CA

Table of Contents:

How many treatments is necessary?
How soon will I see results?
Are there any contraindications?
Is there any downtime afterwards?

EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology) and ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Technology) is an effective treatment for pain and inflammation in the body. 

Indications include:
• Heel pain (e.g. plantar fasciitis)
• Foot/ ankle tendonitis (e.g. Achilles Tendonitis, Posterior Tibial Tendonitis)
• Delayed healing of fracture

Shockwave is produced when the pressure penetrates tissue so fast that elasticity of tissue can not react to different impedances of sound waves. Tustin Podiatry Clinic uses both the EPAT which helps loosen the surrounding tissue and the ESWT (deepest penetrating technology in the market) in conjunction to maximize our outcomes.

During the Shockwave treatment, the sound waves penetrate tissue which stimulates healing by  breaking down scar tissue, stimulating and differentiating nearby stem cells, and increasing circulation.

The benefits of Shockwave include:
• Non-invasive
• High success rate (80-90% in plantar fasciitis cases)
• Safe to use/no side effects
• No risk of infection
• No downtime
• No injections involved (cortisone injections may have side effects and can be painful).
• Cost effective – faster/ easier healing
• Helps avoid surgery

How many treatments is necessary?

The number of treatments needed is on a case by case basis but on average we have seen for acute/ mild cases need between 3-5 weekly treatments and chronic/moderate to severe cases need 6 weekly treatments

How soon will I see results?

For most cases, we may need a minimum of 3 weekly treatments before we start to see results as there is a cumulative process.

Are there any contraindications?

The only contraindication is that treatment can not be done over any cancerous areas.

Is there any downtime afterwards?

There is no downtime afterwards but we ask that you avoid high impact activities (e.g. jumping, running) that can potentially increase the pain. We also ask that you avoid NSAIDs or icing as these may cause the slowing down or prevention of cell movement in the affected area.

We serve patients from Tustin CA, Irvine CA, Garden Grove CA, Orange CA, Anaheim CA, Costa Mesa CA, and Lake Forest CA.