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Eileen H.

I was working out 6x/week for an hour each time for years and then my foot started hurting and I couldn’t run any more. I was training, running almost a 6 minute mile and I had a goal to have sub 6 minute mile but because I started suffering from plantar fasciitis, I kept hoping it would go away and I kept doing self-treatment at home. Finally, after 9 months, I broke down and went to the doctor.

At that point the plantar fasciitis had progressed to plantar fasciosis because I had let it ride for so long. Dr. Baik suggested Shockwave therapy and I was really hoping it wouldn’t progress to surgery. At that moment, I was willing to try anything. Plus, I was pretty tired of not being able to work out the way I had been accustomed to working out. It had already been 9 months of just walking and then I couldn’t even walk anymore.

At first, the treatment was really short and kinda painful and I thought “Is this really going to work?” but after multiple (four) treatments with rest and changing my activity, the next thing I knew, it wasn’t hurting as much. Every time I came in for a follow up, I noticed that it would hurt less and less as my heel was pushed on. At first, I was jumping off the table because it was just so painful with any pressure at all on my heel and now, a few months later it’s like a small bruise kind of a pain and I have a feeling in a few months it won’t even be that.

So now I started running again and I’m jogging. I’m slowly getting back into it like doing a few minutes each time and kind of testing it out for the rest of the day to see how it works. I got custom orthotics and completely changed all of my shoes. I think that the lesson here is if you start having heel pain, get Shockwave Therapy immediately. If I had just done that in the first place, I think I would have had a lot less of a long recovery time and I could’ve gone back to my normal activity a lot faster.